Our Take...

Our take
Plum 28 sees the world of design through all senses - from scale and proportion,
to texture and perception; with an unruly puzzle of possibilities waiting to happen. Plum 28 is edgy, creative and loves
to laugh. Our selection of goods and the desire to uncover the world of “different” will define and expose your style.
Not taking risks may be the ugliest move of all…
When you visit Plum 28 online studio, the look and items we have selected with you in mind are fresh, unique and
sometimes unpredictable ~Wildly Tasteful Finds~(WTF).  We offer items that span from “Really” to touches of modern,
always in vogue.
Do you really care what the “Jones” think? We don't either.
Plum 28’s pursuit of excellence in all phases of design drives the array of products we offer to be ever changing. You
will want to return to us over and over for our sophisticated perspective, precise envision, and attention to detail.
You can't run forward if you're looking backwards…
Just know this, that and the other, and that Plum 28 wants to help create a look that’s  all yours with distinction.  We
give you up-to-date trends and the “Where did you get that?” sophistication that realises the designer in all of us.
Remember, it doesn’t always have to make sense.