Globo Hanging Wood Chair With Globo Stand and White Cushion

Byer of Maine


The combination of unique design and superior quality make this beautiful chair a masterful addition to your home or camp. Multiple layers of weatherproofed spruce wood guarantee maximum stability and safety. The "Globo Chair" is equipped with a big soft white cushion which makes it a real cozy place to spend an afternoon. The ball frame "Globo Chair" is the ideal place to relax.

48 x 47 x 27 Weight Capacity: 260 lbs.

Included is the Globo Chair Stand, built to be just as stunning to look at as the chair it supports. Made from weatherproofed spruce the Globo stand ensures your floating chair is safe and secure and offers you the flexibility to place your chair anywhere. More than an accessory, this stand adds appeal and security to your beautiful Globo chair.

Price includes shipping and handling.